New citizenship test

The new citizenship test began on 19 October 2009. The key changes were:

  • the test questions have been rewritten in plain English
  • the test does not contain any mandatory questions
  • the pass mark has increased from 60 per cent to 75 per cent
  • the test is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge that new Australians make when becoming citizens.

The testable section of the citizenship test resource book, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond contains all the information needed to prepare for the test and can be obtained by phoning the department on 131 880. Alternatively, you can order a copy on-line or download it from this website.

Is the new test easier?

No. The test continues to assess whether clients have a basic level of English and have an adequate knowledge of Australia and of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

However, the new test is fairer because the mandatory questions have been removed giving equal weight to every question in the test. Under the old test, if a client failed any one of the three mandatory questions they failed the test. This means that a client could have answered 19 out of 20 questions correctly but still failed the test if the question they answered incorrectly happened to be a mandatory question.

Is the test only in English?

Yes. The government is committed to the citizenship test being delivered in plain English.

If I have already passed an old test do I now have to sit a new test?

No. You will not have to sit another test if you have already passed a test.

Can I get a copy of the new test questions?

No. As with the old test questions, the new test questions are confidential. However, practice questions are available in the citizenship test resource book, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, and on this website.
See: Australian citizenship practice test

Will assistance to complete the test still be available?

Yes. If you have difficulty reading or are unable to operate a computer you will be able to request help from one of our officers, who will be able to assist you by reading aloud the test questions and answers or by operating the computer. Please ensure you include a covering letter requesting assistance with your application.

Last modified Tuesday 25 November 2014