Australia's Local Hero award

The department proudly sponsors Australia's Local Hero Award as part of the Australian of the Year Awards. The Australian of the Year Award provides all Australians with the opportunity to recognise someone who makes them proud.

Each year we celebrate Australia's Local Hero alongside the Australian of the Year, the Young Australian of the Year and the Senior Australian of the Year.

The Local Hero Award recognises the enormous contribution of so many Australian citizens who selflessly work to make their local community a better place, and helping those around them.

A Local Hero from each state and territory is announced later in the year, with one of the eight state and territory Local Heroes announced as Australia's Local Hero on Australia Day eve each year.

Australia's Local Hero 2013

Hear Shane Phillips' story, Australia's Local Hero for 2013. Video not to be used or reproduced without the permission of the National Australia Day Council.

Shane Phillips Local Hero 2013 (video transcript) (94KB PDF file)
Shane Phillips Local Hero 2013 (video transcript) (14KB Word file)

Shane Phillips is a respected member of the Redfern Aboriginal community and is regarded as a prominent voice on a range of issues including Indigenous rights, youth issues and juvenile justice. He is the fulltime CEO of the Tribal Warrior Association, a non-profit organisation directed by Aboriginal people and Elders that offers training for employment and helps at the grassroots level with emergency relief for struggling families.  He also operates a mentoring program to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people achieve their full potential.  The concept is uncomplicated: it's about forming good habits, guiding by example, including everyone and acknowledging achievements.  Shane is also credited with improving the relationship between his community and the police.  Since the 2009 introduction of the Clean Slate Without Prejudice program run in collaboration with the police, the number of robberies committed by local youth has declined by 80 per cent. Born and raised in Redfern, Shane is an outstanding community leader, respected by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike for his integrity, hard work and determination to get things done.

Read more inspiring stories from other State and Territory Local Heroes.

State and Territory Local Heroes 2013

Read about your State or Territory's Local Hero.

Nominate an outstanding Australian citizen

There are men and women all over Australia who make an outstanding contribution to their community by helping those around them. These are the people whose tireless and selfless work in the community often goes unthanked.

Every community has a person like this. Australia's Local Hero Award provides an opportunity to acknowledge dedicated Australian citizens who make a significant contribution at a local community level.

All it takes is one nomination so make yours today at the Australian of the Year Awards website.

Do you know a Local Hero?

Perhaps you have a friend, family member, community leader or colleague who is an inspiring individual who makes an outstanding contribution to their local community.

All it takes is one nomination, so nominate someone you know for Australia's Local Hero Award.

Nominations close at the end of August with the announcement of state and territory award recipients made towards the end of the year.

The national Australian of the Year Awards, including Australia's Local Hero, are announced on Australia Day Eve.

You can nominate your Local Hero on the Australian of the Year Awards website.

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