Organising a ceremony

Most citizenship ceremonies are organised and hosted by local councils.

The Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code is a guide for local councils and community organisations on the procedure for conducting citizenship and affirmation ceremonies. The code highlights the legal requirements for the conduct of a ceremony, outlines the role of those conducting a ceremony and provides practical advice to people planning to conduct a ceremony.
See: Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code (1.6MB PDF file)

Ordering products for ceremonies

A wide range of Australian citizenship and affirmation products are available at no charge.

If you are a ceremony organiser and you would like to order products for a citizenship ceremony, please use the Organising a Ceremony order form. A password is required to use this order form and can be obtained from the department's ceremonies contact officer.

If you would like to order products for your personal use, please use the Citizenship Products order form.

Letter templates

A template for the letter sent to ceremony attendees is available from the department's state and territory offices. You may use this with your organisation's letterhead in its entirety or in a modified form.

The Minister's message

A message from the Minister must be read out at every citizenship ceremony that the Minister does not attend. The Minister's message should be read out after the opening address and before any official speeches.

Last modified Thursday 13 February 2014