Citizenship online applications

Important note

The online citizenship application system will not be available from 12 midday Friday 17 April until 9am Monday 20 April 2015 (AEST) (UTC + 10) while the online forms are being upgraded.

If you intend to commence, complete and submit an online application for Australian citizenship (forms 1300t or 1290), you must do so before 12 midday Friday 17 April. Any form 1300t or 1290 applications that are not submitted and paid for by that time will be lost and you will need to commence a new application after 9am on Monday 20 April.

If you submitted and paid for your application before 12 midday on Friday 17 April you can continue to attach supporting documents to your application after 9am on Monday 20 April.

An online application option is available for most people applying for:

  • Australian citizenship – general eligibility (form 1300t)
  • Australian citizenship – other situations (form 1290)
  • Australian citizenship by descent (form 118).

If you require proof or evidence of your Australian citizenship or are applying for citizenship by adoption or resumption you will need to apply on a paper application form.

Before you start

Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for your application type.

You will also need to have your original documents ready to scan and attach to your application.

You cannot apply online for 1300t or 1290 and will need to lodge a paper application if you:

  • are applying for a fee concession or exemption
  • are part of the Australian Defence Force
  • are a stateless person
  • do not have a passport, or
  • have not travelled in and out of Australia since July 1990.

What documents you need

After you lodge your online application, you will be prompted to attach your:

  • identity documents
  • good character documents
  • supporting documents.

Use this document checklist as a guide to the original documents that are usually required.

You will need to scan all of your original documents including your completed Form 1195 – Identity declaration (288KB PDF) and an endorsed photograph, so that you can attach them to your online application.

Any original documents which are in colour must be scanned in colour. Save your scanned documents and photograph(s) where you can access them while completing your online application.

If you are invited to a citizenship appointment, you will need to bring with you the original documents for yourself and each person included in your application.

Start your online citizenship application (Forms 1300t or 1290)

Australian citizenship - general eligibility (Form 1300t)

Start your application here if you:

Australian citizenship – other situations (Form 1290)

Start your application here if you:

  • are 60 years of age and over, or 17 years of age and under, or
  • 18 years of age and you:
    • were born overseas to a parent who had previously lost their Australian citizenship because they acquired the citizenship of another country, or
    • suffer from a permanent loss or substantial impairment of hearing, speech or sight, or
    • have an enduring physical or mental incapacity that means you are not capable of understanding the nature of your citizenship application
  • meet the eligibility requirements
  • have all of the required documents.

Start your online citizenship by descent application (Form 118)

Australian citizenship by descent (Form 118)

Create or access your ImmiAccount to start your application if you:

Note: If there are multiple siblings making an application at the same time, the second and subsequent siblings are entitled to a discounted application fee. The first sibling is required to pay the full fee.

Continue your saved application

Application for Australian citizenship (forms 1300t and 1290)

You will need to enter your Saved Application ID and password to continue your saved application. Your Saved Application ID is the number we emailed to you when you first saved your online application. Check your junk folder if you did not receive this email.

If you do not remember your password, you will need to start a new application as we cannot reset your password.

Australian citizenship by descent (form 118)

You will need to log into your ImmiAccount in order to continue your saved application. To access your ImmiAccount, you will require the user name and password you created when you set up your ImmiAccount.

If you do not remember your username or password, you will be able to retrieve them through ImmiAccount under the 'forgot your password' or 'forgot your username' selections.

Attach documents to your application

As soon as you have paid for and submitted your online application, you will be prompted to attach your scanned documents. Attaching your documents immediately after submitting your online application will ensure your application is attended to as quickly as possible.

When attaching your documents follow the guidelines on attaching documents. Each document you attach must be no larger than 500KB and in .jpg format. Documents in other formats cannot be accepted.

Note: When scanning and attaching your Form 1195 - Identity declaration ensure that your photograph is scanned separately with both a front and back view, showing the authorised person's declaration and signature.

Application for Australian citizenship (forms 1300t and 1290)

If you have already exited your application you will need to access your application to attach your documents. You will need your Transaction Reference Number (TRN), your date of birth and the password that you selected when you created and saved your application.

If you have forgotten your password and are unable to attach your documents, please contact us.

Australian citizenship by descent (form 118)

Access your ImmiAccount to attach your scanned documents. Click on the 'Reference no' TRN link to access your submitted application. A list of the documents you selected in your application will be displayed. Click on the 'Attach document' link located next to the document you want to upload.

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve these in ImmiAccount.

Check the progress of your application

You can view the following information about your online application at any time after you submit it:

  • the date we received your application
  • the date we received the application fee and your receipt details
  • if we have sent you a letter about your application, the date we did this
  • a copy of your application form.

To check your citizenship application (forms 1300t or 1290), enter your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and date of birth.

To check your citizenship by descent application (form 118), log into your ImmiAccount.

For information about application processing times see our Client Service Charter.

If you have an enquiry about the status of your application which is not addressed above, you can contact the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.

Technical information and accessibility

Detailed information about planned system maintenance and technical issues is available.

Browser requirements

To apply online your browser must support 128 bit encryption. More information on browser requirements is available.

Help with Forms 1300t and 1290

If you are experiencing difficulty with your online application, most fields have help information that can be accessed by clicking on the helpsymbol.gif symbol.

If the helpsymbol.gif does not meet your needs, or you are having a technical issue with your online application, contact the department for assistance by clicking on the Image of Help iconsymbol located at the top of each page of your online application.

Accessibility and support

We try to make the online information and systems user-friendly for you regardless of your ability or background, by following worldwide web standards and providing information for you in multiple formats.

We are working to comply with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, a technical standard which describes how to make web content more usable and accessible for everyone.

If you have any issues accessing information or services on an online form, or would like to request assistance please contact us by:

  • completing an enquiry form
  • calling the Citizenship Information Line on 181 880.

Communicating electronically about your citizenship application

We may need to convey sensitive information about your application to you. Electronic communication, unless adequately encrypted, is not secure and may be viewed by others or interfered with. The Australian Government accepts no responsibility for the security or integrity of any information sent to the department over the internet or by other electronic means.

Frequently asked questions for 1300t and 1290 online forms

Frequently asked questions and answers are available to assist you to complete your online application for Australian citizenship (Forms 1300t and 1290).

Last modified Wednesday 18 March 2015